Worker’s Rights

Fight to guarantee overtime pay to workers that record more than 40 hours on the clock during a work week with the maximum annual salary set back at $47,476.

Work to raise a federally mandated minimum wage to an acceptable level so that an employee can actually live while working a 40 hour work week.

Address the issue of family leave in America with the ultimate goal being that our citizens receive 12 weeks of fully paid leave if they are primary caregivers and six paid weeks if they are secondary caregivers.

Guns in America

Recognize that the Constitution gives American citizens the right to keep firearms but also that there must be a continued effort to maintain responsible registration by both the owners and the government.

Promote gun safety and education programs by local law enforcement in the community to prevent accidental shootings and encourage a friendlier relationship between the police and the citizenry.

Ensure a more careful monitoring process in gun sales from both retailers and private dealers to protect all parties involved and shield the community from the effects of firearms falling into the wrong hands.

Disabled rights

Strive to streamline the disability benefits process through more efficient use of resources and an updated protocol of assessment that includes stress disorders and mental illnesses.

Argue for disabled students’ rights to a full and rich educational experience at a federally funded and approved public school with the same basic and guaranteed protections provided to any other student attending an American public school.

Safeguard the rights of disabled workers in the labor market to prevent unfair treatment or practices by any employers who seek to discriminate based on irrelevant reasons.

 Religious Tolerance

Seek to ensure that the American government continues to keep the crucial concept of “Separation of Church and State” that both Thomas Jefferson and Roger Williams (founder of the First Baptist Church of America, 1638) supported heavily so that there will never be an enforced state religion.

Work to guarantee that no one will be discriminated against or prosecuted by the government on the basis of their religious beliefs or actions, unless the law is broken during the course of said actions.

Repeal and prevent legislation allowing businesses to refuse goods and services to customers based on religious beliefs or actions.

Tax Reform

Work to bring back untaxed profits to the American economy that are currently being kept out of the country by corporations who seek to avoid paying their fair share.

Cut back on regulation and create incentives for the small businesses in America that function as a vital portion of our economy.

Reduce and eliminate loopholes and other technicalities on the wealthiest 1% of the American population so that they are no longer allowed to hoard a majority of the wealth while others work and struggle every day to live.


Work to strengthen the Department of Education instead of dissolving it through streamlining and a greater level of efficiency so that every child in America gets a standardized, legitimate education through public schools.

Coordinate with tech companies to sponsor initiatives that move the arena of education toward even more technological directions through innovations in hardware, software and development of curriculums.

Encourage more young people to become teachers through the continuation of programs such as tuition reimbursement, student loan assistance/forgiveness and scholarships.

Civil Rights

Continue and escalate the fight for Women’s Rights, LGBT Rights and Minority Rights until every resident of District 10 and America can feel like an equal part of the society as a whole.

Advance equality in the workplace in terms of both pay and treatment so that the quality of a person’s work is the only measure used by employers to make decisions.

Teach the younger generations that tolerance and cooperation are key to a working society, both in government and in everyday life.

Green Energy and Industry

Emphasize conversion to solar, hydro, biomass, landfill gas and wind power in District 10.

Convince new green energy companies that District 10 will be the best place to grow and thrive both in terms of profitability and environmental responsibility.

Encourage environmentally responsible companies in other industries to open new expansions in District 10 through tax benefits and other incentives.

Promote switchgrass and sugarcane farms in District 10 for biodiesel applications.


Ensure that all current Medicare/Medicaid users will continue to be provided quality care and assistance so that they can live a healthy life at a reasonable cost for all involved.

Create a bipartisan initiative that provides quality healthcare for all citizens that require it and hopefully bring down the overall cost of health insurance through an open marketplace and necessary regulation.

Continue the struggle to achieve true reproductive rights for all women and to provide decent and affordable women’s healthcare for those who need it.

Veterans’ Affairs

Increase and improve re-assimilation of Veterans back into society through therapy, work skills training and education.

Repair the broken Veterans’ health care system through a combination of government sponsored training for new and existing health care employees and recruitment of additional qualified medical care professionals to work in District 10.

Voting Rights

Fight to maintain inclusive voting rights laws already in existence and to expand voting access in areas that are presently under restrictive voting laws.

Push for a national standard in election processes, equipment, and recount procedures that are maintained and monitored by an outside, non-partisan watchdog agency.