On November 6, 2018, the American voters have an opportunity to choose a government that represents the good of the public ahead of self-interest.  When that day comes, vote for Democratic candidate Kellie Lynn Collins to be the U.S. House Representative of Georgia’s 10th Congressional District.

Why I am running:

After the 2016 elections, something deep in my soul stirred and I could no longer be a passive observer of my government, especially after watching a Republican candidate run unopposed on a platform of right-wing intolerance and hyperactive religious beliefs.  Although some may say this is a big first step, I believe in taking big swings at big pitches when the cause is important enough and I firmly believe that Jody Hice’s beliefs and policy decisions are taking this country in a dangerous direction.  His recent policy decisions against the Stream Protection Rule, the Affordable Care Act and the Department of Education demonstrate that he does not even possess the common sense necessary to ensure the welfare of the public through environmental protection, decent nationwide healthcare and the guarantee that American students will receive a quality, standardized education that prepares them for a place in the global society.  Please help me fight to shield Georgia’s 10th District from irresponsible decision-making and corporations who seek to profit at the public’s expense.

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